Hercules DJ Controller MK1 Mappings

Note: Hercules DJ Controller MK1 compatibility is available in the Ots CD Scratch 1200 Deluxe package. For license details click here.

Below is a table outlining the Hercules DJ Controller MK1 Mappings.

Note: The left and right mouse buttons on the controller are used as "shift" keys. In most cases, using either the left or right button will have the same effect, however some functions work differently depending on whether you use the left or right shift key (mouse button). In the following, if the word 'shift' is used, it means you can use either key, whereas 'left shift' and 'right shift' obviously refers to a specific key.





Play or pause the current loaded item.


If in play mode and pressed will return to cue point. In pause mode press to frame seek (frame search). When in frame seek mode press again to set cue point.  

Next Track

Grabs the next from the playlist and loads it into turntable.

Shift + Next Track

Fades the current item and automatically begins playing the next.

Previous Track

Ejects turntable.


Fades between turntables.

Left Shift + Crossfader

Centres the crossfader.

Right Shift + Crossfader

Shifts crossfader to hard left or hard right, depending on which direction you moved the crossfader.

Pitch Bend

Bends pitch or tempo by a small percentage.


Enables/disables "on-air" channel for that turntable.


Enables/disables "cue" channel for that turntable.


Toggles between "pitch, "tempo" & "direction" modes.

Pitch Slider

Adjusts the pitch, tempo or direction, based on current mode.

Left/Right Shift + Pitch Slider

Sets pitch, tempo or direction to the centre position, or to 100% forwards or backwards (if in direction mode and using the right shift button).


Skips forward/backwards one frame at a time when in frame-seek cueing mode.

Shift + Jog

Skips +/- ten frames at a time when in frame-seek cueing mode, or scratches currently playing track (left shift is normal scratching mode, right shift is "catch-up" scratching mode).

Master Tempo (left)

Toggles AutoDJ mode.

Master Tempo (right)

Not used.


Adjusts the mixer volume for turntable.


Adjusts the bass for the specific turntable.


Adjusts the mid range for the specific turntable.


Adjusts the treble for the specific turntable.

Effect 1

Applies the number one scratch sample.

Effect 2 (left)

Applies the second scratch sample.

Effect 3

Applies the third scratch sample.

Shift + Effect 1/2/3

Not used.