CD Scratch Mixer

CD Scratch has an in-built instant response Software Mixer console. You can use the Mixer console just like you would use a standard hardware mixer.

The Mixer console has a range of automated cross-fader sweeps that can be fired off using the numeric keypad. For more information click here.

The Cue and Air buttons allow you to enable/disable a turntable in the Cue and Air channels. For information on Cue channel options click here. For the Cue and Air keyboard shortcuts click here.


Mixer console explained

Horizontal slider: This slider is the cross-fader control. This control is used to fade between turntables.

Left vertical slider: This slider is the Turntable A level control.

Right vertical slider: This slider is the Turntable B level control.

Note: It is normally not necessary to use the Turntable A and B level controls at all, since the Ots Labs Dynamics Processor elegantly handles the audio level control.

Air button: The Air button switches the turnable signal to the Air channel output.

Cue button: The Cue button switches the turntable signal to the Cue channel output.


Note: The Cue channel feature is available in the CD Scratch 1200 Deluxe product. For details on purchasing a CD Scratch 1200 Deluxe license click here.


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