Licensing a non-internet-connected machine

You are able to license a non-internet-connected machine via an internet-connected machine using the OtsReg manual method. This process involves three major steps.

Step 1.

The first step involves pasting your Product License into the OtsReg dialog box. See below for an example of a Product License.

Step 2.

The second step involves taking the Machine License REQUEST, which is generated by CD Scratch 1200 Deluxe, to an internet-connected-machine and pasting it into the web page. See below for an example of a Machine License REQUEST.

Step 3.

The third and final step involves taking the Machine License, which has generated, back to the non-internet-connected machine and pasting it into the OtsReg window. See below for an example of a Machine License.


Manual method preparation

You will need to use a text editor, like Notepad, during the licensing process. You will need to create a simple text file that you will use to transport the license information between the non-internet-connected machine and the Internet connected machine. You will also need a transportable medium to transfer the text file, a floppy disk will suffice.

In preparation you will need to copy the Product License into Notepad and save the file onto a floppy disk, save it as License.txt.


How to create the License.txt file


How to license using the Manual method.

Step 1.


Step 2.


Step 3.


Product License SAMPLE:

The Product License is 9 lines of text in total, see sample below.

+++++ BEGIN OtsZone Product License +++++

Product=CD Scratch 1200 Deluxe



Name=Michael Jackson




+++++ END OtsZone Product License +++++


Machine License REQUEST SAMPLE:

The Machine License REQUEST is 5 lines of text in total.







Machine License SAMPLE:

The Machine License is a single line of text.



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