CD-DA subsystem FAQ

My CD skips when playing a track. Why is this?

Answer: One of the main causes of a track skipping is substance (dust or dirt) on the CD surface. In many cases this problem can be rectified by cleaning the surface of the CD. We recommend you seek advice on the best cleaning method.

Scratches on both the readable and label surface of the CD can cause skipping. This can be a permanent irreparable problem. We recommend you contact your audio CD supplier for advice on how to address this problem.


I experience pauses or glitches in audio when playing two tracks from the same CD.

Answer: If you are experiencing glitches in the audio output when trying to play two distant tracks from the one CD, for example track 1 and track 18, it is most probably because your CD-ROM does not have CAV (Constant Angular Velocity) technology. For details on the Ots Labs CD-DA subsystem requirements click here.

To find out if your CD-ROM uses CAV technology please refer to your CD-ROM technical documentation or contact your computer supplier. If your CD-ROM does not use the CAV technology then you will need to make sure you don't play two distant tracks at the same time, for example you should still be able to play track 1 and 3 at the same time.


CD Scratch freezes when attempting to play a CD. What can be done?

Answer: Freezing is most probably caused by a poor quality CD-ROM and or drivers. Over time, we have discovered that some CD-ROMs, and CD writers, do not respond correctly to the industry standard MMC command set causing locking up. Your solution could be to install the latest drivers for your CD-ROM, see your CD-ROM manufacturer's website or contact your computer supplier.


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