Licensing a non-internet-connected machine

Note: This example walks you through the process of Licensing OtsAV.

You are able to license a non-internet-connected machine via an internet-connected machine using the OtsReg manual method. This process involves three major steps.

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Step 1.

The first step involves pasting your Product License into the OtsAV OtsReg dialog box. See below for an example of a Product License.

Step 2.

The second step involves taking the Machine License REQUEST, which is generated by OtsAV, to an internet-connected-machine and pasting it into the web page. See below for an example of a Machine License REQUEST.

Step 3.

The third and final step involves taking the Machine License, which has generated, back to the non-internet-connected machine and pasting it into OtsAV OtsReg window. See below for an example of a Machine License.


Manual method preparation

You will need to use a text editor, like Notepad, during the licensing process. You will need to create a simple text file that you will use to transport the license information between the non-internet-connected machine and the Internet connected machine. You will also need a transportable medium to transfer the text file, a floppy disk will suffice.

In preparation you will need to copy the Product License into Notepad and save the file onto a floppy disk, save it as License.txt.


How to create the License.txt file


How to license using the Manual method.

Step 1.


Step 2.

Note: make sure that you keep your Machine License REQUEST separate from your Product License.

Note: make sure that you keep your Machine License separate from the other license information.  


Step 3.


Product License SAMPLE:

The Product License is 10 lines of text in total, see sample below.

+++++ BEGIN OtsZone Product License +++++

Order #=MZ-1990043637

Product=OtsAV DJ Pro



Name=Michael Jackson




+++++ END OtsZone Product License +++++


Machine License REQUEST SAMPLE:

The Machine License REQUEST is 5 lines of text in total.







Machine License SAMPLE:

The Machine License is a single line of text.



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