Licensing OtsAV

Licensed versions of OtsAV use the OtsReg licensing system. This system requires two components for the licensing process -- a valid and complete Product License and a valid Machine License.

You will find the Product License in the body of the License email, provided when an order is successfully processed.

The Machine License is to be obtained from the servers, using either the automatic or manual retrieval method. The Machine License is issued specifically per installation.

For more information on the OtsReg licensing system please see,


Use the automatic method for an internet-connected machine.

Use the manual method for a non-internet-connected machine.


Note: If you have lost the OtsAV license email, or require a fresh copy of your Product License, you can retrieve it from at any time 24/7, see How to retrieve my Product License from


For instructions on how to transfer your OtsAV License click here.


How many systems can I license OtsAV on?

The Product License specifies how many operating systems you can install and license OtsAV on, see the Quantity=N field. If you are wanting to install and license OtsAV on more installations than your license allows you will need to increase your license quantity. For instructions click here.


OtsAV backup instructions

If you are wanting to have OtsAV installed and licensed on a backup machine as well as your gig machine, you will need to own a multiple license (in this case with the quantity of two). For instructions on increasing your license quantity click here. For details see the Restriction Of Use clause in the Ots Corporation software license agreement.

An alternative is to carry your OtsAV Product License and installation file to the gig (or keep a copy handy), and if you have problems, you can then quickly install and license OtsAV on your backup machine. If you are not able to obtain a Machine License, because you don't have internet connection, you can obtain a 7-day temporary license for this machine to tie you over until you can obtain a Machine License. For instructions on activating the 7-day temporary license click here.


Product License SAMPLE:

The Product License is 10 lines of text in total, see sample below.

+++++ BEGIN OtsZone Product License +++++

Order #=MZ-1990043637

Product=OtsAV DJ Pro



Name=Michael Jackson




+++++ END OtsZone Product License +++++


Machine License SAMPLE:

The Machine License is a single line of text.



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