Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start Guide will help those who are new to OtsAV get started.

The Quick Start Guide uses the HTML Help Browse Sequence tool to guide you through the logical sequence of events to get Ots DJ up and running.


For those using the OtsAV Help the Browse Sequence tool is displayed in the OtsAV Help toolbar, see above. Select Quick Start Guide in the Browse Sequence drop-down menu, and navigate through the topics with the navigation buttons provided. Alternatively, click on the topics sequentially in the Browse Sequence display area.

For those using OtsAV WebHelp click on the links below.


Note: If you are not able to view the Browse Sequence tool this is because your web browser is not compatible with this new technology. Either upgrade your web browser or use the links below.


Use links below if your web browser does not support Browse Sequence functionality

Preparing your media collection

How to build your Media Library

Importing files to the Media Library

Managing the Media Library categories

How to categorize your music

Generating a generic playlist

How to manually build a playlist