Recommended system for OtsAV (Video and Audio playback)

If you are buying new hardware, the following is recommended, though not essential.

OS: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit).

CPU: Genuine Intel Core 2 Duo CPU or higher: OtsAV will run comfortably on much lower processors, though future features will obviously increase CPU requirements. We recommend you steer clear of Cyrix processors as OtsAV performs a lot of floating-point DSP.

Motherboard: A motherboard with genuine Intel chipset. Although any decent motherboard will likely be fine, we find Intel chipsets to be the most reliable and compatible with other hardware (soundcards, etc).

RAM: 512MB RAM or more. OtsAV will run on as little as 128MB of RAM, though if you want performance, more RAM is definitely better.

A large hard disk drive: This really depends on how much music and video you plan to store. OtsAV itself is very efficient and will not occupy much space on your disk.

Soundcard: A high quality PCI or USB soundcard with good quality DirectSound, WDM, or ASIO soundcard drivers. We recommend that you do not use onboard soundcards, supplied on some motherboards, as they tend to have poorly written drivers and lack quality in audio output. If you are wanting to set up the rear channels of a 4 channel soundcard for cue, the 4 channel soundcard must be capable of mixing 3D buffers in hardware.

CD-ROM: A CD-ROM drive that reads CD-DA perfectly and spins at a constant angular velocity (CAV). A CAV CD-ROM drive will mean you can reliably mix between tracks on the same CD at the same time. We recommend a brand name CD-ROM drive, such as Panasonic, Sony, or LG, as they generally will meet these requirements.

Video: A video card with well-written drivers: A fast AGP or PCI-Express video card that has well written drivers is best. Most modern video cards are fine. Some older cards had drivers that would "hog" the PCI bus which could result in audio glitches (in all audio programs, not just OtsAV).

Note: For Video and Karaoke CD+G playback, a dual-head video card is required. For more details see here.

Other standard items: Keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc.


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