OtsAV screen layout

OtsAV has a user friendly and intuitive screen layout. See below for descriptions of each area.


OtsAV screen layout

OtsAVs screen layout explained

Title bar: Displays the OtsAV title and licensee details.

Menu bar: Provides access to features and functions via menus.

Toolbar: Provides transport controls and fast access to the main OtsAV features and functions.

Waveform display: Shows the waveform of songs being played.

Mix View: Shows how songs mix into each other.

On-Screen Video Monitors: Used with Video and Karaoke CD+G playback.

Decks: OtsAV has two instant response decks, Deck A and Deck B.

Center panel: Display area for album cover art, virtual record (scratching), or software mixer.

Playlist area: The playlist area has four display modes: Playlist, Playlist/History, Playlist/Work Area, and Playlist/Media Library.

Dynamics Processor area: Displays the actual Dynamics Processor signal processing levels.


Note: Different versions of OtsAV will use different interfaces. Below you will see a few of the different interfaces. Clicking on any of the images will launch an internet browser to show a full size image.


           OtsAV DJ                          OtsAV Radio                      OtsAV TV