Recording OtsAV's output (Save As Wave)

The Save As Wave feature enables you to record the output of OtsAV exactly as you hear it. The recording is saved in the Wave file format and can be saved as a single Wave file or multiple Wave files (multiple tracks). This feature is useful for many applications, but especially for preparing your own non-stop mixed CDs.


To find the Save As Wave feature click the Output Configuration icon on the toolbar. This will open the Output Configuration dialog box. The Save As Wave feature is in the Secondary output options section.


Uses for the Save As Wave feature


Note: Save As Wave is effected when in Old School mode. As volume levels are adjusted externally, and mixing is done externally, it's not possible for OtsAV to capture the final output. Instead, you should connect a cable from the main output of your external mixer, and connect it to the line-in on your soundcard.
To save your mix to hard drive, an audio editing application can be used to record your line-in signal.


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