Soundcard Requirements

In theory, OtsAV will work with any soundcard that has DirectSound, WDM, or ASIO* drivers installed. Unfortunately, there are some soundcards on the market which have poorly written or buggy drivers. In many cases, the companies who have produced these drivers have had to rush them out to meet market demands, and if you visit their company website you may find the latest drivers that should perform much better.

On Windows 2000, XP, and Vista you must have WDM or ASIO drivers. These platforms don't support VXD-style drivers; therefore, it is likely that any soundcard marketed for these platforms will have the appropriate WDM or ASIO drivers.

We have provided a Compat mode driver set, which provides greater compatibility for some soundcards on the above mentioned operating systems. If you ever experience problems with compatibility you may find Compat mode will work for you.

Note: In order to obtain low latency, OtsAV requires DirectX 5 or above to be installed on the computer. Windows 2000, XP, and Vista all include later versions of DirectX.


To configure your soundcard(s) click the Speaker icon on the toolbar. This will open the Output Configuration dialog box. The main channel "ON-AIR" output and "CUE" channel output features are in the Primary audio output section.


For instructions on how to set up your soundcards main channel click here.


For details on how to configure your cue channel click here.


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