Identifying songs that can be automatically beat mixed in OtsAV

All Ots items that have active Beat Info will display one of the following letter combinations in the Att. column in all list display, search areas, and within the playback Deck itself.

B: The item contains active Beat Intro & Beat Outro Ranges.

The item contains an active Beat Intro Range only.

The item contains an active Beat Outro Range only.

   Items without B, Bi, or Bo have no active Beat Info.


The Table below shows all possible beat mixing combinations, and whether OtsAV will perform a beat mix.

Beat Info in Att. Column

Will OtsAV perform a beat mix?

B into B


B into Bi


B into Bo


Bi into B


Bi into Bi


Bi into Bo


Bo into B


Bo into Bi


Bo into Bo


When songs containing active Beat Info are loaded into a deck, the native BPM value  , and Beat Info attributes are displayed .


Extreme BPM differences

OtsAV has Tempo sliders that range from stationary (-100%) to double speed (+100%). The ABM feature is capable of beat mixing any two songs (with Active Beat Info) that fall within this range, during an automated beat mix.

For example, Song A is playing at 130 BPM. A song with a BPM as low as 65 can be beat mixed into Song A.

Conversely, if Song A is playing at 65 BPM, a song with a BPM of 130 can be mixed into Song A.

If you are playing a song at 130 BPM, and the next song in your playlist has a BPM of 60, OtsAV will ignore the Beat Info, and perform standard ACI (radio-style) mixing between the two songs.


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