How Automated Beat Mixing works

The Automated Beat Mixing (ABM) feature makes use of Beat Info gathered from your Ots files. If you haven't yet setup any Beat Info chunks in your Ots files, consult the Ots Studio documentation.

Beat Info chunks contain Intro and Outro Ranges consisting of Range Start, Match Point, and Range End markers, along with BPM (Beats Per Minute) values and NPI (Non-Percussive Intensity) values. All of these components effect how OtsAV executes an Automated Beat Mix. For further information about the above topics, consult the Ots Studio documentation.

The image below provides a summary of how songs are mixed and aligned during an ABM.


In order for the Automated Beat Mixing feature to create perfect beat mixes, the following information must be set correctly in your Ots files.

Note: All of the above can be set using Ots Studio. Consult the Ots Studio documentation for further details.


How does Automated Beat Mixing work?

The image above shows how ABM aligns songs during a beat mix. The individual steps performed by OtsAV when performing an ABM, are explained below.


All Automated Beat Mixing is performed using OtsAV's ClearScale Technology™. This revolutionary Time-Scaling technology allows songs to be sped up or slowed down with perfect clarity, while maintaining the original pitch (key) of the song. It's now possible to beatmix from an R&B song (at 90 BPM) into a Dance song (at 130 BPM), while keeping perfectly clear audio.


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