How to broadcast multiple streams

You can assign properties to an OtsAV icon that will cause OtsAV to launch a unique instance for a single broadcasting stream. This feature enables internet broadcasters, who own a multiple license, to run multiple streams which are totally independent. Each stream has its own Media Library, SHOUTcast DSP, and its own scheduling and logging tool.

Note: To run multiple instances of OtsAV you will need to be using Windows 2000/XP/Vista, and you will need to have a multiple OtsAV license. The license quantity will need to equal the number of instances of OtsAV you are running.

Things to consider when configuring multiple streams:

When configuring multiple streams you are best to create a Media Library for each stream. To make life easier, label each Media Library so that it is easily matched with the stream it belongs to, e.g. StreamOne.oml for your first stream.

You will need to use a separate SHOUTcast DSP for each stream you are broadcasting. Copy the original DSP and rename the copy so it is easily matched with the stream it belongs to, e.g. Copy dsp_sc.dll and rename the copy to the likes of StreamOne.dll. (The DSP files will need to remain in the C:\OtsLabs\Winamp\Plugins directory).

Each stream will need to have its own unique icon, which is used to launch each instance.


Directly below is an example of the command line that will enable a single stream.

C:\OtsLabs\OtsAVRD.exe C:\OtsLabs\Data\StreamOne.oml /instance /Shoutcast="C:\OtsLabs\Winamp\Plugins\StreamOne.dll"

Note: If you have a multiple OtsAV license you can add additional command line information to enable Scheduling & Logging tool for each instance as well. This is an example of the additional command line information:  /schedule=C:\OtsLabs\Templates\StreamOne.osh /templatepath=C:\OtsLabs\Templates\ /LOGPATH=C:\OtsLabs\StreamOneLogs

Explanation of each segment of the above command line.

C:\OtsLabs\OtsAVRD.exe : Tells OtsAV to start.

C:\OtsLabs\Data\StreamOne.oml : Specifies the StreamOne.oml Media Library file, which is to be used for this stream.

/instance : Enables one instance of OtsAV.

/Shoutcast="C:\OtsLabs\Winamp\Plugins\StreamOne.dll": Specifies the SHOUTcast DSP to be used.


Note: The command line needs to reflect the version of OtsAV you are using.
OtsAVRD.exe for OtsAV Radio Product License owners
OtsAVTV.exe for OtsAV TV Product License owners
OtsAVRDt.exe for OtsAV Radio Trial users
OtsAVTVt.exe for OtsAV TV Trial users


How to configure two independent streams

You will need two icons on your desktop, one for each stream/instance. To make life easy, you are best to name the icons "StreamOne" and "StreamTwo" and label the individual Media Libraries and SHOUTcast DSP's accordingly. For details on creating new OtsAV icon's click here.

For this example, you will need to label your Media Libraries StreamOne and StreamTwo, and you will need to label two SHOUTcast DSP's StreamOne and StreamTwo.


How to create your StreamOne icon


How to create your StreamTwo icon


Tip: If you place the OtsAV icon in the Windows startup menu, and you enable your computer to restart after a shut down, OtsAV will automatically start up your streams unassisted.


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