Remote Access Control server

The OtsAV Remote Access Control (RAC) server allows you to control basic aspects of OtsAV. Specifically, you can start, stop, pause, search the media library, add an item to the playlist, skip to the next item, skip to the previous item, and view the next 10 items in the playlist. Future versions will allow even more control.

You can perform these functions anywhere in the world provided you have access to a web browser, and the machine running OtsAV is connected to the internet.

RAC is a web server built right into OtsAV. It is an HTTP/1.1-compliant server with backwards compatibility for HTTP/1.0 clients. Basically, it should work with all browsers and via proxy connections. The server does not allow programs to be run or files to be accessed on the host computer, outside the realm of OtsAV itself. There should not be any security risk posed by running this server, apart from others being able to control your OtsAV, and search your Media Library. If you are in any doubt about these matters, do not run the RAC server. No warranty, guarantee or assurances are provided by Ots Corporation about the server.

Please note that the RAC server is not intended to be used with a huge volume of incoming connections, i.e. you should probably not run it on a machine connected directly to the internet without a firewall, unless you really know what you are doing. The server will possibly suffer performance problems if large numbers of simultaneous requests arrive, not to mention that this does not really make sense to do.

The RAC server is intended more to be used in the home or office environment across a LAN, where you may find it very handy to be able to access basic features of OtsAV using any available web browser on the LAN.

Future versions of RAC will feature a security model whereby you can enforce access rights to various features/functions. For now, if you are in doubt about who has access to your machine, and are running OtsAV in a mission-critical environment, then you should probably have the RAC server disabled.


OtsAV's Remote Access Control is disabled by default. To enable the Remote Access Control go to Options -> Remote Access Control -> and select the RAC Server Enabled option.


For details on how to set up the Remote Access Control click here.


Remote Access Control Output page explained

Left hand frame menu

Active Status: Enable/disable the Remote Access output.


Control menu

The RAC Control menu provides a selection of transport features.

Play: Starts OtsAV playing.

Pause: Pauses the current track. Click on Pause to resume.

Stop: Stops the current track. Click on Play to continue.

Previous: Fades the current track and starts the previous track.

Next: Fades the current track and starts the next track.


Other menu

Main link: Displays the main OtsAV Remote Access Control page.

Playlist link: Displays the first 10 items that are in the playlist.

Playlist display: The playlist display area displays the first 10 items in the playlist.

Search link: Displays the Search Media Library form.

Help link: Displays the help documentation for the OtsAV RAC.


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