Karaoke CD+G

OtsAV allows you to play CD+G clips, commonly used for Karaoke, along side your existing music library, while still making use of all the core features in OtsAV. It's now possible to play CD+G files in exactly the same way you would audio only files. So what sets the OtsAV apart from other karaoke software?

If you want to use CD+G clips as part of your show, you need this. OtsAV is renowned for its reliability and ease of use. These same principles are evident with Karaoke CD+G playback. Converting your CD+G discs or MP3+G files to Ots files is a simple process. During the conversion process, the video properties of each file are automatically determined, including Aspect Ratio, Frames Per Second, Overscan area, De-Interlacing etc. This means that there is less work for you to produce a professional video output to your video display screens. Existing software doesn't take these attributes into consideration, resulting in less-than-professional results.

We have designed OtsAV in such a way that you can concentrate on what to play, rather than having to worry about how the lyrics are displayed.

Note: In order to play your CD+G files in OtsAV, they must be in the Ots file format. For instructions on how to convert your existing CD+G collection to Ots files, consult the Ots Studio documentation, or the Karaoke CD+G Tutorial.


This Section Covers:

Karaoke CD+G Hardware Requirements

Video card Configuration

Playing CD+G files in OtsAV


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