BPM Information

BPM information can be stored in the Media Library for an Item. BPM information can be added to the Media Library and viewed in the Album/Item Information dialog box. It is also displayed in all list areas, including the Media Library, Playlist, Work Area, History, and Media Library Search windows.

Note: The BPM Counter is a handy tool that enables you to manually work out the Beat Per Minute count for a song. See below for details.

Ots Studio can automatically calculate the BPM of Ots files. See the Ots Studio documentation for more information.


To find the BPM Counter double-click on a item, in the Album/Item Information dialog box and click the Tap... button.


BPM Counter dialog box


How to use the BPM Counter


How to remove BPM Info from an Item

Tip: Set all items to "Unset" to force OtsAV to display the BPM values contained within your Ots files.


How to set the BPM Info for "Non-Music" Items


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