Easy Scan

Easy Scan will automatically scan established folders for new files to import, and for files which have been edited and need to be refreshed within the Media Library.


What will occur:

Your My Music folder will be scanned and either MP3, Wave, or Ots Album files will be imported into the Media Library. For details on setting your My Music folder click here.

Note: The importing process for MP3 and Wave files will take a few moments per file, due to the data being retrieved. You can instantly play your imported MP3 files while the rest of your files are being imported. This process is a once off process due to the fact that the retrieved information is stored in the Media Library.

You will receive the Import/Refresh Files Summary which summarises the import process.

If new files are encountered, they are imported. If existing files are encountered, they are refreshed if they have changed since last imported/refreshed.

If any files referenced within the Media Library are not found during this operation, they are marked as unavailable. If your files are marked as unavailable, and you wish to re-link them, click here for details.

Tip: This operation is generally the best and easiest option after you have added new files to your collection, or edited existing files.


For instructions on how to remove a folder from the Easy Scan path click here.


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