Managing the Media Library categories

As a user you have full control over your Media Library categories.

The Media Library allows for up to 128 categories. An Item can be assigned to any category or combination of categories.

There are seven default categories provided in OtsAV, five of which are displayed in the second row of the Media Library. These categories can be used or renamed depending upon your requirements. The naming of categories is completely up to your imagination, although it is advisable to avoid the use of spaces and punctuation characters in the name, but this is not compulsory. Categories can be moved to and from the second row of the Media Library area and all categories can be accessed via the Media Library Query box.

If you are new to OtsAV, or you wish to use the advanced query tools (e.g. to find all songs which are 120 bpm and in both "pop" and "rock"), a detailed explanation of the Ots Media Library category system, is available here.


To find the Manage Categories dialog box go to Edit -> Manage Categories... in the program menu.


For instructions on how to create a new category click here.

For instructions on how to categorize your music click here.

For instructions on how to display a category in the Media Library display area, or how to remove a category from the display area, click here.


Manage Categories dialog box


Manage Categories dialog box explained

Categories display area

The Categories display area displays the categories listed in your Media Library.

Category Name: Displays the category name.

Items: Displays the number of items in the particular category.


Function buttons

New... button: Opens the New Category dialog box that enables you to create a new category.

Delete... button: Enables you to delete the selected category from the Media Library.

Rename... button: Enables you to rename the selected category.

Move Up button: Moves the category up in the category listing.

Move Down button: Moves the category down in the category listing.

Tip: The first five categories displayed in the Manage Categories dialog box are displayed in the Media Library Window. To display a category move the category into one of the top 5 positions.

OK button: Saves and Exits the Manage Categories dialog box.


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