Shoutcast Enabled: Enables the SHOUTcast plug-in.

Spawn at Program Startup: Enables OtsAV to spawn SHOUTcast at start up.

Set Plug-in...: Opens the Set SHOUTcast Plug-in dialog box so you can navigate and set the SHOUTcast DSP.

Set Album Title if Available...: When enabled, includes "Album Title" as meta information sent through SHOUTcast, in format Artist - Title - Album. If this option is not enabled, only Artist - Title is used. (This feature works with Ots Media files only. The feature derives the Album Title by first looking for a From Album: Title chunk and, if none, instead uses the Album Title chunk unless it is a single-item Ots file where the Item Title and Album Title are identical, then it will show no Album information for that item).


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