Playlist directives

OtsAV has powerful playlist directives that enable the automation of a whole range of tasks including: loading additional list files, creating a fixed length pause, stopping and recueing the next item (for an announcer break), time syncing a particular item to the clock, and more. In short, these directives make OtsAV a powerful and flexible application for radio automation.

Currently Supported Directives


This directive will cause OtsAV to stop at this point in the playlist. The next item will not be loaded into a deck.

Stop & Re-cue

This directive will cause OtsAV to stop at this point in the playlist, as with the Stop directive. The difference is, this directive will still load and cue the next item into a deck, but will not play it. You simply press Ctrl + Space bar to start the next item playing.


This directive will play in a deck as if it were an audio item that consisted entirely of silence. You specify the delay time, or length of silence, in seconds. Any value between 1 second and 3600 seconds (1 hour) is allowed.

Live Input On

Switches Live Input On at the trigger point of the previous song.

Live Input Off

Switches Live Input off at the trigger point of the previous song.

Live Input Trigger


Switches Live Input ON at the trigger point of the previous song and turns Off (and starts next track) when a trigger activated. The trigger can be either the keys Ctrl + Space, or a detection of silence configurable in the Live Input Preferences, see How to use Live Input.


This directive, when processed at the top of the playlist, will cause OtsAV to load an OIL or OFL file. The loaded file contents will replace the presence of the directive, i.e. the load directive will expand into the contents of the loaded list file. The list file may contain further directives.

Time Sync


This is the most powerful directive of all. The Time Sync directive, when placed before an item, will cause that item to play (or be processed, if another directive), at the time specified in the Time Sync directive. This will occur even if the natural flow of the playlist is such that it would normally have occurred at a totally different time.



This directive does absolutely nothing! Its presence does not break the flow of Auto-DJ however. When encountered, the next item in the list is immediately loaded.


For instructions on how to insert a directive into a playlist click here.

Examples of Playlist Directives

How to insert a Stop & Re-cue directive

How to set up a Load Directive

How to set up a Time Sync Directive

How to setup the Live Input Trigger Directive


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