Scheduling Control dialog box


Scheduling Control dialog box


Scheduling Control dialog box explained

Scheduling Event Table

Clear button: Clears the Event Table.

Load button: Opens the Load Ots Scheduling Event Table dialog box so you can load an .OSH file.

Saves As button: Enables you to save an Event table as an .OSH file.

Apply button: Applies the event table scripting to the current schedule.

Current button: Opens the Current Scheduling Event Table so you can view the current events.


Scheduling and Logging Control

Logging Enabled option: Enable/Disable the Logging feature.

Scheduling Enabled option: Enable/Disable Scheduling.

Open Today's Play Log...: Opens todays Play Log.

Open Today's Scheduling Event Log...: Opens todays Scheduling Event Log.

Open Yesterdays Play Log...: Opens yesterdays Play Log.

Open Yesterdays Scheduling Event Log...: Opens yesterdays Scheduling Event Log.


For a step-by-step guide on configuring Scheduling & Logging click here.

For documentation on Scheduling and Logging click here.


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