The Graphic Equalizer

The OtsAV graphic equalizer is a unique zero latency, one octave stereo graphic equalizer. It is useful for general tonal corrections, to obtain the most desirable sound quality, and it can be used to reduce the effect of resonant peaks and dips in loudspeaker response, and in the acoustic environment, reducing the tendency for acoustic feedback.

The graphic equalizer cannot be a substitute for a well designed amplifier/loudspeaker system, or for good acoustics, but it does provide the ability to tune your system to the acoustic environment it will be used in.

To access the OtsAV Graphic Equalizer click on the Graphic Equalizer icon on the toolbar.


The Graphic Equalizer control panel explained

Left Channel EQ button: Enable/disable the equalization on the left channel.

Right Channel EQ Buttons: Enable/disable the equalization on the right channel.

Note: If the Left and Right EQ buttons are outlined in black the Equalizer is switched on.

Graphic Equalizer sliders (32Hz to 16Khz): These sliders enable +12dB boost or -12dB cut to be applied to one of the 10 predefined frequencies.

Gang channel adjustments: This option enables you to apply slider changes to both the left and the right channels at the same time.

Left -> Right button: Duplicates the left slider settings to the right channel.

Left <- Right button: Duplicates the right slider settings to the left channel.

Flat button: This preset sets all left and right channel sliders to 0dB.

Bass Boost button: This preset applies extra bass to both the left and right channels.

Close button: Exits the Graphic Equalizer control panel.


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