How to integrate the MilkDrop visualization plug-in

Note: We obviously cannot provide support for the MilkDrop plug-in itself. However, we will endeavour to provide you with a basic step-by-step guide to get you up and running. For more information on the MilkDrop plug-in we recommend you visit the following web sites and



How to download the MilkDrop visualization plug-in

To download the latest OtsAV-compatible MilkDrop 1.x plug-in click here.

Note: If this link does not work you will find a download link here however, do not download Milkdrop 2.x versions as OtsAV is only compatible with Milkdrop 1.x versions.



How to install the MilkDrop plug-in



How to configure the MilkDrop plug-in with OtsAV  

Note: In this example we will set up MilkDrop for full screen display on your primary display.


Note: Visualizations cannot be used while the Video subsystem is enabled. To quickly enable/disable the OtsAV video subsystem, press Ctrl+Alt+Shft+V on your keyboard.


MilkDrop-OtsAV key functions



Left arrow

Fades out current track and plays the previous track.

Right arrow

Fades out current track and plays the next track in the other Deck or from the playlist.

Top arrow

Launches the F9 Scratch Sample, see Scratch Sampler.

Bottom arrow

Pauses the playing deck.


Tip: While MilkDrop is running press F1 to view the MilkDrop Help menu.

Note: To find out more about the MilkDrop visualization please read the documentation that is supplied with the MilkDrop plug-in.


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