Frame/Field Rate (TV System)

Display devices in different parts of the world use different frame rates. In order to display perfectly smooth images on your TV, Projector, or 2nd Monitor, you need to specify the correct frame rate for your country.

To change the TV system being used, go to Options -> Video/CD+G -> Frame/Field Rate (TV System) and select one of the following options.

Tip: The Options -> Video/CD+G menu can also be accessed by right-clicking your mouse on the middle video display (when visible). This is the suggested method, as it is the quickest way to access the Video/CD+G features.


50Hz (PAL) - for countries such as Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom.


59.94Hz (NTSC) - for countries such as United States, Canada, Japan, Philippines, and Taiwan.


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