The Slideshow feature is used to display still images when Video/CD+G content is not being played. You could display photos of people at your party, advertise events, or simply show some desktop wallpapers. Images will retain their correct Aspect Ratio, and will not be stretched to fill your 2nd display. After all, which client wants to see their wedding photos on the big screen, stretched out of proportion!

To have the Slideshow automatically start when no video/CD+G content is being played, select Options -> Video/CD+G -> Slideshow -> Enabled

Tip: The Options -> Video/CD+G menu can also be accessed by right-clicking your mouse on the middle video display (when visible). This is the suggested method, as it is the quickest way to access the Video/CD+G features.


To change the settings of the Slideshow, go to Options -> Slideshow -> Configure

The first action to take in this area is to select a folder of images stored on your hard drive. Click on the Set button and select the appropriate folder. You can check the Recurse Subfolders check-box to include images within subfolders.

Note: The Slideshow feature supports .JPEG, or .JPG files. You can have an unlimited number of pictures in your Slideshow, and more pictures can be added to your images folder at any time. When more pictures are added, click on the Apply button include the added images to your Slideshow.


Random Play

To play your Slideshow images in a random order, select Random in the Slideshow Mode drop-down box.

Ordered Play

If you prefer to see your slides in the same order as they are listed in the selected folder, choose Ordered in the drop-down box. If you want to display your slides in a specific order, rename each picture file, placing a number at the beginning of the filename.

For example...




....and so on.


Time between Slides

To change the time between slide changes, enter a value (in seconds) in the Delay in seconds between slides box.

Click on Apply to apply your settings and close the Slideshow Configuration window.


Note: If you have enabled the Video Subsystem, but have not enabled the Slideshow feature and no Video/CD+G content is being played, the Ots AV logo will be displayed (below).



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