OtsAV can display a scrolling ticker across the bottom of your 2nd display, similar to what you might see on a news broadcast. The ticker can be used to display any text you wish, such as Happy Birthday!, or Happy Hour until 10pm, or Susan to the stage to sing next. You can have multiple messages in the ticker, each of which can be enabled or disabled. Symbols can also be added to the text to enhance the messages you want to display.

To activate the Ticker, select Options -> Video/CD+G -> Ticker -> Enabled

To add or edit text in the Ticker, select Options -> Video/CD+G -> Ticker -> Configure

To adjust the position of the Ticker, select Options -> Video/CD+G -> Ticker -> Adjust Position (to be added to future versions of OtsAV).

Tip: The Options -> Video/CD+G menu can also be accessed by right-clicking your mouse on the middle video display (when visible). This is the suggested method, as it is the quickest way to access the Video/CD+G features.

Messages can be separated by pressing Enter on your keyboard. Placing a # symbol at the beginning of a message will mark it as non-active, and will not be displayed in the Ticker. This feature can be used to store common messages, and disable them if not required for a particular event.

The following symbols can be added anywhere in your ticker text:

Ticker Code

Ticker Symbol














Ticker text examples

~cake~ Happy Birthday! ~cake~

Happy Hour 9pm to 10pm :)

Make your requests at the DJ booth ;)


Looping the Ticker

To run the ticker text in an endless loop, enable the Loop Forever check box. Un-checking the Loop Forever check box allows you to enter the number of times the ticker will loop, before disappearing. To re-enable the ticker after it has disappeared, click on the Apply button.


Adding a Delay to the Ticker looping

A delay can be applied so that the ticker text is not always running on the 2nd display. This can be used to display the ticker text once, wait for the designated seconds to pass, and repeat the ticker display. To apply a delay, un-check the Do Not Delay check box, and enter the number of seconds to delay between ticker runs. Using this option, along with the number of loops option, allows you to repeat the ticker text any number of times, with a delay between each pass.


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