Video Card Overlay Output

The following menu options can be found under Options -> Video/CD+G -> Video Card Overlay Output


Overlay Enabled - enables the hardware overlay of your video card. If you have allocated your TV (2nd Display) to display the output from OtsAV, enabling the overlay will produce a video image on your TV.


Tip: The video overlay can be toggled on and off by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V. This can be used to quickly restart the video subsystem if needed. (e.g. starting and stopping visualizations)


Auto Enable -> When Video Subsystem Starts - This option will force the 2nd Display (TV) to display an image from OtsAV whenever the Video Subsystem is enabled.


Note: To capture a still image of what is being displayed on the 2nd display, press Ctrl+Shift+Backspace together. The resulting image will be saved as a JPEG file to your Desktop in a folder named OtsAV Video Output Capture. This feature could be used to capture frames from various video clips to display on your web site, to promote your video services.


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