Video Introduction

OtsAV allows you to play music videos, along side your existing music library, while still making use of all the core features in OtsAV. It's now possible to mix and beat mix video files in exactly the same way you would audio only files. So what sets OtsAV apart from other video playback software?

If you want to use music video clips as part of your show, you need this. OtsAV is renowned for its reliability and ease of use. Converting your music video files to Ots files is a simple process. During the conversion process, the video properties of each file are automatically determined, including Aspect Ratio, Frames Per Second, Overscan area, De-Interlacing etc. This means that there is less work for you to produce a professional video output to your video display screens. Existing software doesn't take these attributes into consideration, resulting in less than professional results.

We have designed OtsAV in such a way that you can concentrate on what to play, rather than having to worry about how the videos are displayed.

Note: In order to play your video files in OtsAV, they must be in the Ots file format. For instructions on how to convert your existing video collection to Ots files, consult the Ots Studio documentation, or the Video Tutorial.


This Section Covers:

Video Hardware Requirements

Video card Configuration

Playing Music Videos in OtsAV


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