Automated Beat Mixing (ABM) Tutorial


OtsAV includes Automated Beat Mixing. The Ots philosophy on automated beat mixing is that every beat mix is clean, accurate, and would emulate (or better) what a professional DJ would perform in real life.

OtsAV's Automated beat mixing benefits include...

    1. BPM per intro/outro.
    2. Match-point per intro/outro.
    3. Maximum range pre and post the match-point.
    4. Non-percussive intensity values for pre and post match-point.
    5. With the universal BeatMorph™ system, this information only has to be set once and it will mix into any other beat-tracked song professionally and smoothly. OtsAV will automatically beat mix the songs over the maximum length possible while maintaining appropriate volume levels throughout the transition, changing the primary focus at the "magical" match-point, and will keep the songs in sync using time-scaling, and change the tempo leading up to the match-point if in "restore mode". Unlike other systems which require manual adjustments for every single song mix combination, and therefore are only good for assisting, the BeatMorph™ system is a set-song-once universal system which when set correctly will work automatically and effectively with virtually unlimited song combinations.


Note: Automated Beat Mixing can only be performed using Ots files that have had Beat Chunks created for them.


If you have never beat mixed before, or have limited beat mixing knowledge, and would like to learn the basics, click here.


If you are an experienced beat mixer, proceed to the next topic: Overview

This documentation applies to OtsAV version 1.85.073 released on 30th November 2009.