Beat Info Chunk

Any Ots item, including audio only, video and CD+G items, can have a beat chunk added to it, allowing it to be used with Automated Beat Mixing within OtsAV.

Note: Automated Beat Mixing is only possible using Ots files. If you haven't converted your media to Ots files, use the Batch Conversion Tool.


Note: To add a Beat Info chunk to all of your Ots files in a batch process, see here.


Adding a Beat Chunk to an Ots Item

1. Open an Ots file in Ots Studio (learn how)

2. Right-click on an Item, and select Create New Chunk And Add Reference to it -> Beat Info


3. A summary of the Beat Chunk can now be seen on the right-hand side. The values displayed are set by default, however these will change to reflect the actual values once you have beat tracked the item.

Re-initialize... button:
Resets all values within the Beat Chunk to default values (not set).

Edit... button: Opens the Edit Beat Info window.


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