Upper Waveform Display


This area displays a zoomed in section of the Lower Waveform display. Double-clicking your mouse anywhere within the waveform display will commence playback. A single click will stop play.

To quickly move to a different part of the song, use the seek bar in the Lower Waveform display, or use the scroll wheel on your mouse. The zoom level can be changed by clicking on the 1:4, 1:16, 1:64, 1:256, and 1:1024 buttons, to achieve accurate marker positioning.

Seek Bar in Lower                                     Zoom Buttons
Waveform display


It is within this area that Range Start, Range End, and Match Point markers can be positioned. Calculating an exact BPM, accurate to 4 and a half decimal places (e.g. 130.89209), is also performed in the Upper Waveform display area. To learn how to calculate an accurate BPM figure, click here.


Beat markers are shown within the Range area, and align with the beat grid. The purple beat markers indicate the 1st beat in a bar. If the 1st beat marker is not actually on a 1 beat, you need to adjust your Match Point marker.


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