ARC (Aspect Ratio Control) Embellishments

During video playback in OtsAV, the Aspect Ratio of every video played is compared against the Aspect Ratio of your 2nd display (as set within OtsAV). If the AR (Aspect Ratio) of the video clip is 4:3, and your 2nd display has an AR of 16:9, normally you would see black bars on the left and right hand sides. (see image below)


OtsAV can Embellish these black areas, creating a full-screen image. These Embellishments occur in real-time, and change as the source video changes. This type of effect is commonly used on Music Video broadcasts. (see image below)


Depending on the video content, you may not want these Embellishments applied to certain video material (such as TV commercials, shows, or movies). You have the option of disallowing Embellishments for an item, or letting the main application (OtsAV) control whether Embellishments are used.



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