Titling Presentation

If the video clip already has Title and Artist information included, such as Promo Only and Screenplay videos, you can flag the item not to use the Titling feature within OtsAV. This avoids clashing of information on screen.




You can also specify when OtsAV can display the Title and Artist information for the video. For example, some video clips have images that shouldn't be covered by Titling (see image below). In most cases, you wouldn't want the Titling from OtsAV to cover this material. It's possible to set the earliest position where the Titling from OtsAV can be displayed.


You wouldn't want the Titling feature in OtsAV to cover the word "Home.." in the video above. Using the seek bar, move to a position within the video where displaying on-screen Title and Artist information would be appropriate. Click on the Set As Earliest button to store that position.



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