Item / Chunk Filters

To open the Item/Chunk Filters section of Ots Studio, go to Tools -> Item/Chunk Filters


Item/Chunk Filters allow batch filtering of items within the Ots file. The following filters can be used.

Clean up title and artist info: Checks the Title and Artist fields for correct casing, and will capitalize the beginning of each word.

Swap title and artist info: If the data gathered from Freedb has the Title and Artist information around the wrong way, this process corrects it. (Can only be applied after CD ripping is complete)

Order items by disc track number chunks: Arranges the items in the numerical order based on the information in the disc track number chunk for each item.

Strip all non-essential chunks: Deletes any chunks that are not required.

Strip down to beat info for exchange: Removes all information from the Ots file, except Album Title, Title, Artist and Beat Info data. You can then Save As to a different Ots file, which can be shared with other DJs.

Flag all items as karaoke: Checks the Karaoke Flag in the ACI chunk for all items. This flag is used to display the items as Karaoke in OtsAV's Media Library.

Flag all items as regular audio: Un-checks any Karaoke Flags that may have been set.