OtsTurntables file processing explained

When a file is loaded into a turntable, or added to the playlist, OtsTurntables checks it to see if it is playable. If it is a valid MP3 or Wave file, and if it is the first time that the file has been loaded, it will be processed to make it playable. If the file is an Ots Album file it will be checked for playability. While a file is being checked, and processed, the icon will remain gray.

Note: The processing of MP3 or Wave files will take a few moments per file, due to data being retrieved, analyzed and stored. This process is a once-off process due to the fact that the calculated information will be stored in an associated .OMX file.

When an unprocessed MP3 or Wave file is loaded into a turntable it will be placed at the top of the playlist and processing will begin on the file. If it is successfully processed it will be played.

File processing in the playlist works in a top down manner -- files at the top of the playlist are checked and processed first. When the order of a playlist changes processing requirements also change, e.g. a file placed at the top of the playlist will be considered urgent and given processing preference over a file further down in the list.

Once a file is successfully checked, and/or processed, the file's icon will be colored and the file will be immediately playable in OtsTurntables.

If the file is non-playable the file's icon will be crossed. For a report of why a file is non-playable, double-click on the file and read the information in the Status field. When a non-playable file is loaded into a turntable it will be skipped. If the file was part of a playlist the next playable item will be played.

Items in a playlist file (.ofl) will be marked non-playable if you have moved the file on your hard drive from it's original location. In this case relocate the files to the original location or recreate the playlist file. To revalidate a playlist go to Actions -> Revalidate All Items on the playlist control panel. To remove all non-playable items go to Actions -> Remove Non-Playable Items on the playlist control panel.


File icons status



Ots Album

Status summary


A gray icon means that the file is unchecked, or in the midst of being checked or processed. In this state the file is not playable.


A colored icon means that a file is playable. It has been checked and/or processed.


A crossed icon means that the file is non-playable. This may be due to the file being unavailable or corrupt.


Note: To play MP3 or Wave files in OtsTurntables they must have a Sample Rate of 44,100Hz, which is the current industry standard, and includes all music contained on audio CDs. The Bit Rate can be any bit rate including Variable Bit Rate.


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