OtsTurntables layout

OtsTurntables has an intuitive easy to use screen layout. Common features and functions are accessible by clicking on the buttons provided on the main window, or through the Program Menu.

Program menu

The OtsTurntables program menu can be found by clicking on the Program Menu button in the left-hand side of the titlebar. For a description of each Menu option click here.

Program buttons

The buttons on the OtsTurntables window provide quick access to commonly used features and functionality. For a description of each buttons purpose click here.

Turntable layout

OtsTurntables has two virtual turntables. These turntables provide powerful real-time control and manipulation of your tracks. For details on the turntable layout click here.

Playlist area layout

OtsTurntables has an easy to use playlist generation area. For details on the playlist area click here.