How to increase your OtsTurntables license quantity

The OtsTurntables license agreement permits you to have OtsTurntables simultaneously installed on the number of operating systems your license states. If you have a single license you are only able to run OtsTurntables on one operating system at a time. If you want to run OtsTurntables on multiple operating systems you will need to increase your license quantity.

Please see the following OtsTurntables License agreement text:

4. Restrictions on Use. Licensee is permitted to reinstall the SOFTWARE on a new operating system or computer, or fresh reinstallation of current operating system, providing; a) the SOFTWARE is uninstalled and removed from current operating system before installing on new operating system, b) the number of concurrent installations never exceeds the quantity stipulated in product license, c) the number of installation changes is considered reasonable by Ots Corporation (e.g. regularly changing installation back-and-forth between two computers is not reasonable or acceptable - two licenses should be purchased in this case). Ots Corporation may refuse granting machine licenses if an unreasonable amount of installation changes are conducted, and may revoke your license permanently. Licensee may not execute more concurrent instances of the SOFTWARE on any operating system(s) than the quantity in the product license stipulates. Licensee may not electronically transfer the SOFTWARE to multiple computers over a network system. Licensee may not distribute copies of the SOFTWARE or accompanying materials to others. Licensee may not modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or create derivative works based on the SOFTWARE or its accompanying printed or written materials.


How to increase your license quantity


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