How to integrate the SHOUTcast plug-in

Note: SHOUTcast integration is available in the OtsTurntables Pro package only. For license details click here.

Integrating SHOUTcast with OtsTurntables involves three simple steps:

Step1: Download the SHOUTcast plug-in.

Step2: Install the SHOUTcast plug-in.

Step2: Configure SHOUTcast with OtsTurntables.

Note: We obviously cannot provide support for the SHOUTcast plug-in itself. We will endeavour to provide you with a basic step-by-step guide to get you started though. For more information on the SHOUTcast plug-in we recommend you visit Nullsoft's Winamp and SHOUTcast web sites.


Step 1.

How to download the SHOUTcast plug-in

Note: It is important you download the correct version from the link directly below, as the latest official website version of SHOUTcast does not work with Artist/Title updates in OtsTurntables. (SHOUTcast Source DSP v1.9.0 is the most recent version which does work fully (linked below), however, beware the official website download uses this same version number for the download setup file even though it is really the newer and problematic SHOUTcast Source DSP v1.9.1 inside).

To download the latest fully working version of SHOUTcast plug-in, click this link here.

Note: If this link does not work you can alternatively try a Google search for "SHOUTcast Source DSP v1.9.0" (file size should be 492KB if correct installer with v1.9.0 inside, therefore do not download the version directly from



How to install the SHOUTcast plug-in



How to configure the SHOUTcast plug-in with OtsTurntables    

Note: the Sample Rate should match the Sample Rate you set in OtsTurntables.

Tip: Use the table below as a guide for the best broadcast bitrate for your internet connection.


Suggested bitrate for internet connection type for MP3 Encoding  (AAC+ can use a lower bitrate for similar quality)

Internet Connection type

Broadcast bitrate

28.8 modem        


33.6 modem


56k modem


64k (single-channel) ISDN


128k (dual-channel) ISDN  


Cable Modem


256k DSL


T1, T3, +++



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