Command Line Reference

The OtsAV command line feature enables you to tell OtsAV to complete tasks at program start up. For example, you can tell OtsAV to load a playlist template file which in turn will generate a playlist. You can also load list files and enable/disable a number of OtsAV features.

Command line format

C:\OtsLabs\OtsAVDJ.exe [filearg-1] [filearg-2] [option-1] ... [option-n]

Options are differentiated from file arguments by the fact that they always begin with a slash (/). All options are case-insensitive.

All file arguments and options are completely optional -- you can start OtsAV with nothing on the command line.

Note: The command line needs to reflect the version of OtsAV you are using.
OtsAVDJ.exe for OtsAV DJ Product License owners
OtsAVRD.exe for OtsAV Radio Product License owners
OtsAVTV.exe for OtsAV TV Product License owners
OtsAVDJt.exe for OtsAV DJ Trial users
OtsAVRDt.exe for OtsAV Radio Trial users
OtsAVTVt.exe for OtsAV TV Trial users

Command line options

Below is a list of options and tasks that OtsAV is capable of at start up.

/DYN=: Tells the dynamics processor which preset to start up with. It defaults to "Party" if this option is not used. 'name' may equal "Lounge", "DJ", "Party", "Office", or "Radio". See Using the Dynamics Processor for a full explanation on its function.

/CDDA: If specified OtsAV will start up in CDDA mode, which means that playlists will automatically be generated and played whenever audio CDs are inserted into CD-ROM drives. This mode allows OtsAV to work more like a CD player, but with mixing between the tracks, and dynamics processing! You can still import Ots files and perform all other operations even while in this mode.

/NOCDDA: This option tells OtsAV not to initialize its CD-DA subsystem. You would normally only use this option if you were having trouble with your particular CD-ROM drives, and didn't want OtsAV to attempt to use them, or if you are running OtsAV in a situation where you know you do not require CD support and therefore do not want to waste resources on the CD-DA subsystem being active.

/NONAME: Displays only the licensed Company field in the title bar (unless there is no Company field - then it will display the name).

/LIVEINPUT=1: Grabs the live input device ready for instant start when using a directive.

/LIVEINPUT=2: Grabs the live input device and turn Live Input ON.

/SCHEDULE=<OSH Filename>: Enables you to tell OtsAV to load a Schedule .OSH file and enable the Scheduling at start up (Requires the full path to the file).

/templatepath=<Directory>: Enables you to specify the template directory/folder that contains your template files (Requires the full path to directory/folder).

/instance: Enables an instance of OtsAV. To run multiple instances of OtsAV you must have a multiple quantity license. The license quantity will need to equal the amount of instances of OtsAV you are running.

/LOGPATH=<Directory>: Enables you to specify a file path for log file storage.

/Shoutcast=<DLL Filename>: Enables you to tell OtsAV to load and use a specific SHOUTcast DSP at start up (Requires the full path to the file).


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