How to manually mix between tracks.

If you wish, you are able to manually mix between songs using the OtsAV Software Mixer. For details on the OtsAV Mixer click here. Below is a very basic example of how you can manually mix.

Note: OtsAV has pitch and tempo adjustments. These adjustments can be used to match the timing of the current playing song. You can use the Pitch/Tempo bending feature to help you keep in time. For details click here.


If your Ots files have BPM values, either manually entered or from the Ots file's Beat Info (active or not), the calculated BPM of your songs can be used to Match the BPM between decks. Pressing the on the non-playing deck will the match the BPM of that song, to the playing song in the other (playing) deck.

Tip: To learn more about the art of beat mixing, take a look at the Automated Beat Mixing Tutorial.


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