Zorphing (Tempo Scratching)

Traditional scratching involves the increase and decrease of playback speed of a song in rapid movements, generally using a turntable or jog wheel. During this process, the pitch of the song also changes.

OtsAV introduces a world-first, where scratching can take place, without adjusting the pitch of a song.

This effect can be used to sample parts of a song at different speeds, without effecting the pitch. Imagine moving the Tempo slider to -100%, then rapidly up to +50%, then jumping back and forth in-between these values, and even going backwards. You are effectively "scratching" using Tempo only.

Using Jog wheels on an external controller, these rapid movements become much easier, and allow for some previously un-heard of effects.

Try loading an acapella version of a song into a Deck, then use the Zorphing feature.

To enable/disable Zorphing, select Options -> OHM / MIDI Hardware Control -> Command Options -- Deck A/B -> Scratch Type -> Zorphing

Tip: Zorphing can also be directly enabled/disabled on certain MIDI Hardware Controllers.

Note: Zorphing is only accessible via a MIDI Hardware Controller.


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