How to restore your Media Library from backup

By default OtsAV uses the OtsAVDJ.oml Media Library file which will need to be restored to the C:\OtsLabs\Data directory. If you have used another file name or directory path in the past, then you will need to follow these instructions accordingly.

Note: The Media Library filename may be different than the one shown above, dependng on the version of OtsAV you are using.
OtsAVDJ.oml for OtsAV DJ Product License owners
OtsAVRD.oml for OtsAV Radio Product License owners
OtsAVTV.oml for OtsAV TV Product License owners
OtsAVDJt.oml for OtsAV DJ Trial users
OtsAVRDt.oml for OtsAV Radio Trial users
OtsAVTVt.oml for OtsAV TV Trial users

At present you are best to use Windows Explorer to restore your Media Library. You will need to navigate to the backup copy and copy and paste it into the C:\OtsLabs\Data folder.


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