Media Library

The OtsAV Media Library is a powerful, but easy to use, category system that provides full control over the categorization of your media collection. The Media Library stores information against each item, e.g. categories, rating, BPM, last play information, length, and comments.

OtsAV has its own powerful query language, Ots Media Query Language (OMQL), that enables the storage and retrieval of the Media Library contents. OMQL, coupled with the information within the Media Library, allows for limitless possibilities in categorizing and playlist generation. For details on the Ots Media Query Language click here.

The Media Library is written to disk as an Ots Media Library (.OML) file. The default OML file is, OtsAVDJ.oml, which is automatically loaded whenever your start OtsAV. It is possible to open and save other OML files, and in general to maintain more than one Media Library on the same machine, however this is usually of no advantage to most users and can result in confusion.

Note: The Media Library filename may be different than the one shown above, dependng on the version of OtsAV you are using.
OtsAVDJ.oml for OtsAV DJ Product License owners
OtsAVRD.oml for OtsAV Radio Product License owners
OtsAVTV.oml for OtsAV TV Product License owners
OtsAVDJt.oml for OtsAV DJ Trial users
OtsAVRDt.oml for OtsAV Radio Trial users
OtsAVTVt.oml for OtsAV TV Trial users

We recommend that you take care of your Media Library file and back it up periodically. If this file is lost or destroyed, you will lose all the additional information that you have added against each item. For instructions on how to backup your Media Library click here.

If you are new to OtsAV, or would like a detailed description of the Media Library, please click here.


To display the OtsAV Media Library area click on the Show Media Library Window icon on the toolbar.


For step-by-step instructions on how to build your Media Library click here.


This section covers:

Media Library explained

What is an Album?

What is an Item?

How to build your Media Library

Importing files to the Media Library

Managing the Media Library categories

How to categorize your music

How to remove a file from the Media Library

How to backup your Media Library

How to restore your Media Library from backup

How to print your Media Library list

Media Library Folder Structure

Media Library area

The Album/Item Information dialog box

Item Play Information

How to rate an Item


Hot Tip: If you have organized your media files in category folders, on your hard drive, you can very simply map the structure you have created in the Media Library. For instructions click here.