Mix View

The Mix View section of OtsAV displays the Automated Beat Mixing sections of your songs, along with markers relating to deck loading, next song triggers and so on.

To change the properties of Mix View, go to View -> Mix View

The following options are available.


Enabled: Displays the Mix View bar.


Auto Enable When Beatmixing: Turns the Mix View on automatically when an automated beat mix is being performed.


Mix View during Automated Beat Mixing

When Auto-BM is enabled and a song containing active Beat Info is loaded into a Deck, the Mix View progress bar displays the Outro Range and Match Point of the song.


As the playing song reaches the red marker, the next song in your playlist will load into an available Deck and begin to flash, indicating that it is prepared to automatically beat mix. The BPM in the other Deck will be adjusted to perfectly match the playing song, and the song itself will be cued to the perfect position within its Intro Range, to allow the Match Points from both songs to align during the mix. This is explained in further detail, in the How Automated Beat Mixing works topic.

Once the incoming song is loaded into the available Deck, the mix view area will display a complete overview of the automated beat mix. The shaded area may reduce in size once Intro Range Start is reached, if the Pre-Match Point Intro Range of the incoming song is smaller than the Post-Match Point Outro Range of the outgoing song.


Mix View during ACI Mixing

When Automated Beat Mixing is disabled, or the mix combination doesn't allow automated beat mixing, the mix view progress bar can still be used.

When a single song is loaded in a Deck, the following information is present in the mix view area.


Once the next song has loaded into the available Deck, the mix view area will display a complete overview of the mixing process. The shaded area indicates the amount of overlap between the two songs during the ACI mix.


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