Generate Playlist dialog box


To find the Generate Playlist dialog box click the Generate Playlist... icon on the toolbar.


Generate Playlist dialog box


Generate Playlist dialog box explained

Action Section

Replace Existing Playlist option: Replaces the existing playlist with the generated playlist.

Insert at Beginning of Existing Playlist option: Inserts the generated playlist at the beginning of the existing playlist.

Add to End of Existing Playlist option: Adds the playlist to the end of the existing playlist.


Options Section

Clear History option: Clears the History List after generating the playlist.

Auto Play After Generate option: Causes OtsAV to begin playing after the playlist is generated.

Advanced Mode: Enables the advanced user access to the Playlist Generation Template text input area. By default this text area is disabled.


Playlist Generation Template text area

This text area displays a playlist template. If advanced mode is enabled, the playlist template can be directly entered or edited.

Clear button: Clears the current playlist template.

Load... button: Enables you to find and load a playlist template, .otm file.

Save As... button: Enables you to save a playlist template as an .otm file.


Template Builder button: Opens the Playlist Template Builder dialog box.

Generate button: Generates a playlist based on the template.


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