How to build a Playlist Template containing Station IDs.

In this example we will build a Playlist Template that will generate a 6 hour playlist of Rock and Pop songs that will have Station IDs (Spots) inserted every 4 songs. The template will make sure that the items being played have not been played in the last 24 hours and exclude the less popular Rock and Pop songs, those that have a rating less than 5.

Tip: For an advanced approach to playlist generation containing Station IDs or Spots see the How to configure Scheduling & Logging section.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For this example to work you will need to have prepared for Station ID Insertion, click here for details. Also, you will need to add items/albums to the Rock and Pop categories. If you have not added items to these categories click here for instructions.


Hot Tip: If you would like to use this template again, simply open the Ots Playlist Templates shortcut on your Desktop and double-click the Station ID test.otm template file. OtsAV will generate the playlist and begin playing.


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