Station ID Insertion

The Station ID Insertion feature is part of the Playlist Template Builder tool. The Playlist Template Builder enables you to create a basic Playlist Template that will, at playlist generation time, generate a playlist containing your radio station Station IDs or Spots.

Note: For an advanced approach to playlist generation containing Station IDs or Spots see the How to configure Scheduling & Logging section.


To find the Station ID insertion feature click the Generate Playlist... icon on the toolbar and click the Template Builder... button. The Station ID Insertions section is at the bottom of the Playlist Template Builder dialog box.


Station ID Insertion preparation

You are now ready to build a template that includes Station ID Insertion. For an example of this, click here.


Hot Tip: Scheduling provides a powerful approach to Station ID or Spot insertion. Click here for details. Also see the Scheduling & Logging reference topic.


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