Scheduling & Logging

Scheduling & Logging allows you to automate the generation of playlists and other functions in OtsAV. Scheduling & Logging also allows you to generate playlist segments which are targeted at a very specific duration, usually one hour. The generator will produce playlists which are within +/- one second of the target duration, while still allowing the full use of OMQL queries, and taking into account the way OtsAV mixes. This allows you to achieve a high level of automation, while maintaining a well balanced sound and excellent song selection, all without having to manually build playlists or even lift a finger.

Scheduling & Logging is very suited to radio station operators and background music providers, but is also of value to mobile DJs. Scheduling comes with a complete logging facility, which logs both the event activity of the scheduler, and the play activity of all songs which go to "air". The log output is very helpful for the regular forms which most operators must submit to the various music authorities.


This Section covers:

How to configure Scheduling

How to configure Logging

Scheduling Control dialog box


For full Scheduling and Logging documentation click here.

Also, be sure to read the OMQL and OTM references for more information about Scheduling and Logging.


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