The Ots File List Format Specification

An Ots File List (.OFL) file, is an ASCII (plain-text) file. It is organized into lines. Each line is either blank (ignored), begins with a '#' character (treated as a comment -- ignored), or contains a reference to an item.


Lines which contain a reference to an item are organized as follows:

<Ots filename including path>[<pipe character><track or item number>]


Therefore a sample line may look like:


The above line references the second item in the file C:\OtsLabs\OtsFiles\MyMusic\SavageGarden-Affirmation.ots

If a pipe character (|) and item number are not included at the end of the line, then all items within the album file are referenced.

The filename and path can contain spaces. It is the pipe character (or the end-of-line if no pipe is found) which terminates the filename.


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